Schism #1 Plot Notes
-from unpublished creator notes.
SCHISM # 1 plot

Open with Sally, now successful, on a modeling shoot for a commercial. Allsorts of people are buzzing around and her agent (W.D. #4) is there, talking toher about choosing between a movie deal and a TV script when Fabiano arrivesfor their date. She says to her agent "I don't have time for all this now." and isleaving with Fab. when...

Styx comes to take her away. He takes her quantum and she sees all the horrorsof the substratum before he takes her away through quantum mists. She is upsetand asks where he is taking her -he gestures- the mists clear, and we see the isleof Avalon, misty and green and mysterious, with a small group of Atlanteanstyle buildings on it.

Cut to War Dancer and Charlemagne fighting in Angor Wat, Thailand. Igo (aspy from Avalon) has discovered the battle and is observing. The scene ends on acliff hanger with Char. in trouble, and Igo leaves to report to Thrakahl.

Cut to Sally being given a tour of Avalon (a few buildings, gardens and acastle/palace complex)-then she is taken to a large, exotic room full of maps andglobes and books. There is a guy sitting at a desk who rises at her entrance anintroduces himself "My name is Michael Alexander. I live on West 45th street."Sally expresses confusion at where she is and what has happened and Michaelbegins to explain

Michael goes to a beautiful, ornate book on a stand and starts to tell Sally aboutthe origin of the universe and the origin of War Dancer. He opens the book (anillustrated history volume) and we see Plaslantis, and (briefly ) the contestbetween Arhq and Thrakahl for Zahnree's hand. The magical experiment - Arhqand Zahnree doing the dance of two and being interrupted by the 4 evilmagicians, the feathered serpent and Thrakahl. The experiment goes wrong -Zahnree is swallowed by the serpent, Arhq is flung out into space, Atlantis sinks,and Thrakahl is set adrift, alone, in the sea (in the real world). (refer to cassettedrama) Michael pulls out a map of the planes of existence from a beautiful woodmap cabinet (flat file) and explains that the experiment created a barrier around asection of the quantum field that grew to become the org of plasm ( he shows hera globe model of the org). He goes, next, to an ornate (plasmoid?) globe (amemory sphere). He activates the sphere and continues with the story of howLorca discovered Earth and pierced the barrier. As a result of this, he explains,dreams are becoming actualized on Earth and we flash on the origins of theW.O.P., Good Guys, Charlemagne and Michael tells about his own, too. Thisscene is interrupted several times by women coming in to measure Sally, and a
scholar comes in to give her a scroll of Atlantean words or magic phrases orsomething.

A person comes in and instructs Sally that she must prepare herself to act inZahnree's stead and perform the Dance of Two with Thrakahl to complete thespell and heal the schism. Michael assures her "Yes, this is real."

Cut to Thrakahl in his war room organizing and planning. Igo comes in andreports that the battle is going badly-that Charlemagne is losing. Thrakahl givesorders to go get Sally and prepare her for the Dance of Two.

They bring her to the room Thrakahl has prepared-a kind of open sidedpalisade (maybe a bit like the ball room in Beauty And The Beast). Sally isbrought in dressed in Zahnree-type finery and Thrakahl is wearing some
magnificent garb (we may have some designs ). Sally is presented with greatfanfare and ceremony and at the peak of this Thrakahl looks at her and says "No,she isn't the right one."

Cut to Nudge arriving at the temple of Nimh (Zahnree's ancestral temple W.D.# 1) in Sally's backyard with the bottle holding the essence of Zahnree. Someonesees her and she mind-nudges them to forget and then enters the temple. Sheopens the bottle and prepares for the essence, and we have a flashback onto theevolution of the Org since the Schism with a mother's loving eye. Zahnree iscommunicating all that happened to her to Nudge to prepare her to receive herspirit and Z's perspective is very benevolent. Then Nudge and the spirit merge in
a spectacular effect that lights up the area.

Cut to Plasm and show Chasm battling the W.O.P. cast-the Org is going wildnow that Zahnree's influence is gone and the feathered serpent is all that is left.Chasm is so powerful at this point that he brushes our guys away, but in theprocess he damages the Org and it strikes at him. We have a clear demonstrationof his power when he brushes back even the Org! Chasm starts to understandand feel the extent of his power.

Cut to the end of the battle between War Dancer and Charlemagne.
Charlemagne, through relentless perseverance, manages to defeat W.D. W.D.tells him that he was going to destroy the world before it destroyed itself andhalf the universe in the process because people are becoming gods. W.D. tellshim "I can't do it. You have to. Charlemagne can see evidence of what W.D. istelling him going on around him. Char. refuses to destroy the Earth, but now heunderstands the situation.

Skipper has arrived back and tells Char. that he must take W.D. to Avalon.Char. asks why-refuses to obey some strange man he's never met. ThenNudge/Zahn. calls out to W.D. and tells him he must go to Avalon. She is on theway, herself, with Avalon folk who were alerted when the spirit transferoccurred and came to get her. Char. agrees to go and everybody is converging onAvalon!

Sally has been forgotten in the shuffle. Someone finally tells her that she won'tbe needed now that the real Zahnree (or a reasonable facsimile) is found. Styxtakes her back to the real world, but things are getting very weird there.Quantum things are manifesting themselves and much is out of control.

Chasm arrives in Avalon to kick everybody's butt(s).

1 Thanks to Pauline Weiss for the text contribution. Thanks to Janet Jackson for the digital photographs of the artwork. Abbreviations have been kept intact. Minor punctuation, spacing and font case corrections were done.