The DEFIANT/Schism Timeline
-from unpublished creator notes-
1350 The Black Death has spreads across Asia, Africa and Europe
Ahrq Tsolmec and Zahnrhee perform the Dance of Two [War Dancer #2]
The Dance of Two causes the SCHISM between Earth and the Dreamtime
Zahnrhee is swallowed by the Feathered Serpent and becomes the Org
Thrakahl is thrown to Earth by the mystic energies of the Dance
The Wizards are thrown to the Quantum Plane of Earth
1850 Thrakahl begins to build Avalon as a refuge for Quantum heroes
1926 Mule becomes trapped on the quantum substratum
1929 Mule organizes demonkind and becomes the ruler of the Dark Dominion
1962 Viet Nam war begins
1971 Pete Smith is listed as MIA [Charlemagne #1]
Charles Mal discovers the quantum substratum
1973 Charles Smith seeks his brother, Pete, in Viet Nam [Charlemagne #1]
Charles Smith loses his brother and his legs in an attack [Charlemagne #1]
Charles Smith is in a coma, cared for by Doc Tran Nguyen [Charlemagne #1]
Withdrawal of American forces from Viet Nam
Doc Nguyen cares for Charles after American withdrawal [Charlemagne #1]
1992 Lorca pierces the reality veil, discovers the Earth [Warriors of Plasm # 0]
1993 Charles Smith awakens from his coma, with his legs regenerated and enhanced strength [Charlemagne #1]
Michael Alexander enters the quantum substratum [Dark Dominion #0]
Michael Alexander becomes aware of Chasm and the Bowels [Dark Dominion #0]
Lorca creates five Earth warriors on Plasm [Warriors of Plasm #1]
Revolution on Plasm sparked by the Earth warriors [Warriors of Plasm #2-4]
Lorca becomes emperor of Plasm [Warriors of Plasm #4]
Many people get their wishes in Anaheim, CA; seven of them band together to form the Good Guys [The Good Guys #1]
Michael Alexander & Chasm's first confrontation [Dark Dominion #1]
The Org of Plasm begins to weaken from starvation [Warriors of Plasm GN]
Charles Mal's "smart" building unveiled [Dark Dominion #3]
Emp Hortch tries to take back rule of the Org from Lorca [Warriors of Plasm GN]
Sueraceen checks on Prudence imprisoned in the Org [Warriors of Plasm #5]
The Good Guys meet Heater [The Good Guys #2]
The Org begins to feed on itself [Warriors of Plasm #6]
The Good Guys are helped by Glory [The Good Guys #2]
Prudence escapes from her prison [Warriors of Plasm #6]
The Org is attacked by alien worlds [Warriors of Plasm #6-7]
Nudge achieves is in mental contact with the Org [Warriors of Plasm #7-9]
Nudge returns to Earth [Warriors of Plasm #9]
The Great Grimmax goes to Earth [Warriors of Plasm #9]
1994 Chasm discovers the existence of the Org [Dark Dominion #4]
Chasm discovers the Good Guys secret of the Wish Box [The Good Guys #3]
Nudge sends Chasm to the Org [The Good Guys #4]
Charles Smith fights Ngu [Charlemagne #0]
War Dancer comes to Earth [War Dancer #1]
Charles Smith Fights War Dancer [Charlemagne #2]
Charles Smith has a press conference, demonstrates his strength [Good Guys #6]
The Good Guys oppose the Master and meet Charles Smith [Good Guys #6-7]
Michael Alexander meets Galahad and Peaches [Dark Dominion #7]
War Dancer battles Plasm warriors Mister Massacre and Spearhead [War Dancer #2-3]
Michael Alexander meets the Puritan [Dark Dominion #8-9]
Michael Alexander discovers that physical pain can be deferred on the Quantum plane, and develops the ability to affect solid objects in the hard world [Dark Dominion #9]
The Puritan is destroyed [Dark Dominion #9]
o Billy Ballistic empowered by War Dancer with flight and quantum vision [War Dancer #4]
Good Guys get their benefactor and headquarters [The Good Guys #8]
o Four other children empowered by Wish Box band together [Good Guys #8]
Bottom and Mule attempt to manifest on the hard world [Charlemagne #3]
Charles Smith vs. Cookie (Nudge) Wazenegger [Charlemagne #4]
Chasm and Preach steals the soul Of Zahnrhee with the assistance of Preach [Warriors of Plasm #10]
The Org runs out of control [Warriors of Plasm #11]
Chasm mulched [Warriors of Plasm #11]
o Michael Alexander brings the Wish Box to Avalon [Dark Dominion #10]
o Chasm arises as the Dark God [Warriors of Plasm #12]
o Charles Smith battles War Dancer in Angkor Wat [War Dancer #6]
o The Good Guys defeat the other four children [Good Guys #9]
1 Thanks to Pauline Weiss for this contribution. The original content was reformatted and modified to remove strike-through text and typographical errors. The underlined text was kept from the original file source.