Shooter had a fairly prolific writing career at Marvel. His first writing credit was for Super-Villain Team-Up 3 in December 1975. He would continue to write regularly for Marvel up until the time he left as editor-in-chief in 1987.

Best known for his Avengers run and the Korvac Saga, Shooter also had regular writing gigs on Daredevil and Ghost Rider. He also spearheaded the two Secret Wars and launched the New Universe.

The checklist details every Marvel publication that Shooter has a writing or plotting credit on, including reprints and TPB. His 9-year run as editor-in-chief also produced some of Marvel's best work as Shooter forced the writers to stop hacking, meet deadlines and start producing quality.

Shooter fought hard to protect creator's and their rights, but also understood the business side of the industry. While he was integral in getting creators and artists royalties, he'd also side with management on work-for-hire issues. Needless to say, when Marvel was sold, Shooter was caught in the middle with both management and the creators thinking he was loyal to the other side.