Shooter has done some misc work for other than DC, Marvel, Valiant, Defiant, Broadway and Dark Horse. He wrote an introduction in Battlestar Galactica 1: The New Millennium, published by Realm Press and he wrote the introduction to James Maxey's "Nobody Gets the Girl." Those interested can also read excerpts from Shooter's "How to Write Comics" seminar.

Shooter wrote an editorial published in Dreadstar 1 and was also involved in a parody comic that was published after he had left Marvel. Titled "Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe," it parodies Shooter's plans to severely alter the Marvel Universe in ways that fanboys would despise. It was published in 1989, 2 years after Shooter was gone.

After Broadway Comics closed down, there were mentions of Shooter starting Daring Comics but nothing materialized. It has also been mentioned that Shooter is working or has worked on a book titled "$uper Villains" detailing his rise and fall and rise again through the industry.

Shooter wrote several plot outlines that never got published. Most of them centered around his Valiant, Defiant and Broadway creations. In early 2002, he also wrote an outline for a new Avengers story that would unfold as a sequel to The Korvac Saga. Interviews also mention that he has a couple of good Legion stories he'd like to see published. In 2012, a Kabbalah-themed comic titled SEVEN was distributed direct to fans. Shooter has previous ties to Phobos Entertainment and now develops products for Illustrated Media.