This is an effort to catalog and promote the complete works of Jim Shooter. The man is a significant part of comic book history and he's been involved in arguably some of the greatest comic stories ever told.

Comic book stories don't always have to take place in outer space with parallel universes and time travel. Characters don't always have to be indestructible mutants with super-human strength and the power to resurrect themselves. Jim Shooter seems to understand this. His comics don't suck.

This site is not for serious collectors. If you need to have every variant, every send-away, every cardset, every lunchbox or every poster, you might need to look elsewhere.

This site is geared towards people who want to read the stories and immerse themselves in the great continuity and storytelling of Jim Shooter. The information and checklists on this site focus on collecting only those issues needed to move the story along. Not all of us needs to own three cover variations of the same issue, some of us just like a well-told story.

Shooter began writing comics for DC at the age of 13. In 1978 when he was 27, he became editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics which lasted until 1987. After a failed attempt to buy Marvel Comics, Shooter used his funding to start Valiant. After the huge success of Valiant's Unity crossover, Shooter felt he was forced out. He would later start Defiant which got sued out of business by Marvel. His last company, Broadway, tried to get started during the mid-90s comic lull and closed a year later. He is currently working on re-launching Solar and Magnus with Dark Horse Comics.

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