After Shooter was forced out of Valiant, he started Defiant. With financial backing from a collectibles company called The River Group, Defiant published a couple of one-shots in mid 1993 to generate interest before launching their first on-going series, Warriors of Plasm, in August 1993.

Warriors of Plasm was Defiant's anchor series. Most of the one-shots as well as the only trade paperback and graphic novel produced focused around the Plasm storyline.

Defiant had 6 on-going series active when they shut down in August 1994. One of Defiant's first publications was Plasm #0. Marvel threatened a lawsuit because they had a pending series titled Plasmer. Defiant changed the name to Warriors of Plasm before issue #1 was published. Marvel sued anyways. Defiant won, but wasted a lot of money in the process, forcing the shutdown a year later.

Defiant was in the middle of a universe-wide crossover called Schism when they folded. Schism was to be published in the on-going books as well as a self-titled 4-part mini-series. You can read the plot notes for Schism 1, Schism 2, Schism 3 and Schism 4, as well as a general Schism Timeline. According to this interview, the Schism crossover was going to have the bad guys victorious.

Due to their relationship with The River Group, Defiant and it's characters were also seen in the collectibles market. They released several card sets that could be organized to read just like a comic. The cards could be purchased in Defiant collector tins and organized in Defiant collector binders. Defiant also teamed up with Previews and Hero Illustrated to have full and partial comics bound inside.

Shooter was editor-in-chief during the lifespan of the company. He also had a hand in writing a majority of the books Defiant published. He plotted or wrote about half of the Charlemagne, Dark Dominion and Dogs of War books. He also plotted or wrote almost all of the Plasm and The Good Guys books.