While compiling the information on this site, I found there were a handful of vocal people who had unpleasant things to say about Jim Shooter. These people worked with Shooter over the years and are in a better position to discuss those things than I ever will be. Maybe he's a hard-ass and maybe he can be unreasonable. Frankly, I don't care. The products he and his teams produce are top notch.

I have noticed that the man is very fan-friendly. I have seen countless amateur fan sites where the site operator was able to interview Shooter. He's willing to answer the tough questions and his interviews usually produce refreshing candor and opinions about the industry and his body of work.

Below is a list of the more significant interviews Shooter has done. There are many more interviews available, but I chose to leave them off this list because there was no new information or insight produced during the interview.

Comic Book Resources - Part 1
Comic Book Resources - Part 2

Valiant Revisited - by Joe Petrilak
Valiant Revisited - by Vinnie Bartilucci

Coville's Clubhouse

Crave Online