Secret Wars I was such a success, they began planning Secret Wars II before they were even done with the first one. SWII began only three months after the 12th issue of SWI was published.

They changed things up for the second Secret Wars. This time they ran a 9-issue limited series and branched the story into all of the other regular series. During SWI, readers only had to purchase and read the 12 main issues to follow the story. This time, the goal was to make readers purchase and read series they might otherwise overlook. The entire SWII story spanned a total of 42 issues.

Many critics considered SWII to be nothing more than an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of SWI. They called the story completely far-fetched and the dialog painfully long-winded. Basically they said, it was rushed and contains a lot of fluff.

Shooter once again ran the show for SWII. He wrote all 9 issues of the self-titled limited series. Shooter also wrote Daredevil 223 which was a SWII tie-in.