By the end of 1992, Archer and Armstrong had spanned 6 issues. The Unity crossover was explored in issues 1 and 2. Shooter has a writing credit in issue 0, 1 and 2.

Archer is a consumate martial artist and a Harbinger, gifted with uncanny powers of perception. Since a childhood near-death experience, he has committed himself to vanquishing the evils of the world.

Armstrong is an immortal, amoral libertine who abandoned such naive idealism thousands of years ago. As different from each other as Yin and Yang, they go together as naturally as beer and pretzels...

As a child, Obadiah archer discovers that his evangelist parents are, in reality, deviant killers. In an attempt to cover their tracks, they engineer Archer's fiery death. Archer is left clinically dead, but he miraculously returns to the land of the living--longing for vengeance.

Archer's resurrection seems to have endowed him with paranormal abilities. Running away, he travels to Ladakh, where his psionic powers of perception and coordination make him the greatest martial artist to ever live!

Returning to America many years later, Archer meets a drifter named Armstrong, who is actually thousands of years old and as strong as a tank. "Armstrong", borm Aram, is the brother of Ivar, the Timewalker and Gilad Anni-Padda, the Eternal Warrior. They are pursued across the globe by a cult called the Sect, who believe Armstrong is the Devil and must be destroyed.

On a Mediterranean isle, Archer meets Armstrong's beautiful wife, Andromeda, who seemingly wields magical powers. Moving on to England, the pair finds Ivar about to be lynched by a temporally- displaced mob. Only Solar's timely intervention saves the day.

Back in L.A., they once again face Sect leader Mahmud, who now wields the enormous power derived from the mysterious items within Armstrong's satchel. Settling down in Los Angeles, Archer & Armstrong find that trouble continues to find them.

In the coming months, their attempts to recover art treasures stolen from Armstrong will bring them into conflict with neo-Nazis. And a second brush with death will leave Archer even more fanatically bent on destroying the evils of the world! [source]