Through 1992, Solar had run 16 issues with Jim Shooter being credited with writing the first 15. The Unity crossover unfolded in issues 12 and 13.

Issues 1 through 10 were reprinted in a trade paperback titled Alpha & Omega #0. Issues 1 through 4 were reprinted in the Solar: Second Death trade paperback.

The original Doctor Solar was published in the early 1960's. He was disentrigated in a nuclear accident but managed to harness a human form. He used his power to manipulate atomic particles to fight crime.

When Shooter got ahold of the character, he rewrote a little bit of history. The new Solar was a physicist and a fan of the old Solar. Another nuclear accident gave the new Solar a hefty dose of radiation. The result? He could manipulate atomic particles.

After a failed attempt to rid the world of nuclear threats, the new Solar assists in inadvertantly throwing Earth into a black hole. At this point, things get complicated. Personalities are split, feuds are fought and grudges are squashed, all in the name of preventing the accident that destroyed Earth.