Miracle on Broadway is a rare one-shot comic used as a Christmas card for Broadway's clients. Only 1150 of these child-oriented comics were produced. This comic contains the first appearance of the Knights on Broadway and an early appearance of Star Seed. It also contains the first and only appearance of Spire while more adult-oriented characters like Fatale were excluded.

While this book does contain a storyline, the story is not part of the universe structure and is considered an optional book for the purpose of this site. This book is sometimes referred to as the Broadway Video Special Collector's Edition.

Ernest is in despair because he has to work on the last shopping day before Christmas. On his way into work, he's intercepted and handed a video titled "Peace On Earth." The tape gets tossed out the window by his boss and the rest of the comic is an attempt to reclaim the tape and understand the meaning of it's content. Spire, the Knights on Broadway, and Star Seed all join in helping to locate the video. Once the tape is recovered, Ernest is allowed to take the rest of the day off and get his last minute shopping done.