Powers That Be was Broadway's first ongoing title as well as their first published item. Powers That Be ran 6 issues from November 1995 to May 1996. Shooter has a writing credit in all 6 issues.

The first issue contained two stories, one with Fatale and one with Star Seed. Issues 2 through 6 only contained the Star Seed storyline. After issue 6, Broadway changed the title of the series from Powers That Be to Star Seed. Star Seed ran three more issues under the new title before Broadway shut down.

There are three known variants of the Powers That Be series. The first three issues were all produced as black and white promotional issues printed on lower-quality paper. They contained no color on the cover or on the interior pages. Aside from the lack of color, the promotional issues are the same as the colored retail versions.

Cor is the Star Seed. His kidnapped alien father has developed some incredible technology, one of which is Snoopy, a human-like machine capable of audio/visual recording, holographic playback and informational analysis all in a little remote ball that can dock on Cor's watch. Cor, being a half alien, has strength far greater than that of a normal human and is equipped with a gravity vector suit which allows for flight and a cape primarily used for defensive purposes. We follow Cor as he searches for his kidnapped father and his missing technology.

After Powers That Be #6, Broadway changed the title to Star Seed. Continuing from Powers That Be #6, the three Star Seed issues were numbered 7, 8 and 9.