DP7 is one of the books that were enjoyed by most New Universe fans. It was one of 4 title that remained after Shooter left Marvel. The series lasted 32 issues and included an annual.

After the cancellation of the New Universe, characters from DP7 would appear in several issues of Quasar and also be involved in the Starblast crossover in early 1994.

DP7 focused on a core group of displaced paranormals who were all differently affected by the White Event. Their unique gifts, acidic perspiration, accelerated metabolism and friction control proved no match on their own. But teamed up and watching each other's back helped keep them free from ridicule, scorn and the authorities.

DP7 was created and written by Mark Gruenwald with pencils by Paul Ryan and inks by Danny Bulanadi. Their run on the book lasted all 32 issues. This same team would also be involved in Quasar.