When the New Universe was launched, Marvel Age profiled the universe several times. An appearance in Marvel Age 44 coincided with the launch of the first issues of all 8 titles. Once things had picked up steam, more appearances were made in Marvel Age 47, 48 and 50.

After Shooter left, the new guys tried to bring about some significant changes to the New Universe. Doing so prompted another appearance in Marvel Age, this time for the New New Universe.

DP7 writer Mark Gruenwald went on to work on Quasar. Characters from DP7 were a recurring theme for Gruenwald several years after the New Universe disappeared. New Universe characters also played a part in the Starblast crossover from 1994, but only in the issues of Quasar.

Justice can be seen in several issues of Spider-Man 2099 and a parody comic by Blackthorne Publishing called Failed Universe is also available. Additional parodies can be found in Legends 5, Wha..Huh? 1 and Amazing Spider-Man 559.

Avengers Forever 12, Gambit 19 and Avengers West Coast 65 all feature background images related to the New Universe. Alternate versions of the New Universe can be found in Exiles 72-74 as well as the ten issues of various NewUniversal titles.

For the 20th anniversary of the New Universe, Marvel published several "Untold Tales of the New Universe," some of which were featured in other monlthy comics. Each of the original 8 titles were given a brief story that fit into the pre-Pitt timeline. Aside from the 5 stand-alone Untold Tales issues, New Avengers 16 and Amazing Fantasy 18-19 also features New Universe stories.