Star Brand is generally regarded as the best of all the New Universe titles. It ran 19 issues with an annual. After Shooter left, Star Brand was one of the 4 titles remaining but was published every 2 months instead.

The only writing Shooter did for the New Universe was on the Star Brand series. He wrote the first 7 issues before John Byrne took over for issues 11-19.

From Marvel Age promos: There is a weapon in the universe more powerful than all others. It is called the Star Brand. There is no more coveted, feared, loved or hated thing in existence. Now, this dreaded thing has fallen into the hands of Kenneth Connell, an Earthman. Another man might crumble under the burden. The Star Brand brings its bearer pain, worry, suspicion, fear -- fear that it will be wrested away into the wrong hands. Worse, fear that it is in the wrong hands. Another man might live only to pass the dreaded thing on, to find another bearer. But Kenneth Connell is a man like no other.