The Pitt is a one-shot graphic novel that fits into the structure of the New Universe. The basic plot details the aftermath of the Pittsburgh disaster. The Pitt was released several months after Shooter had left Marvel and was seen as a personal shot against him since Pittsburgh is Shooter's hometown.

Ken Connell is the man who received the Star Brand from a mysterious old man in Star Brand 1. Connell struggled with the effects of his power and chose to do good without chasing the limelight.

After Shooter left Marvel, the new guys in charge made some radical changes to the series. They decided to thrust Connell into a highly publicized super-hero. Connell decides to make an appearance at a comic book convention in Pittsburgh.

In Star Brand 12, the mysterious old man who gave Connell the Star Brand wanted it back. He destroys the building hosting the comic book convention in an effort to kill Connell and regain the Star Brand for himself.

Connell proceeds to head out into space to destroy the Star Brand. He evidently reconsiders and for some reason decides to release the Star Brand's power several mile above Pittsburgh, completely demolishing the town and leaving a 50-mile wide crater in his wake.

The Pitt graphic novel picks the story up from here and details all the happenings after Star Brand 12. An issue of DP7 and Justice would conclude the Pitt tie-in.