Originally titled "Spitfire and the Troubleshooters," this series ran 13 issues. The title was changed to simply Spitfire for a couple of issues before being changed again to Codename: Spitfire for the final 4 issues. Spitfire was one of the titles cut when Shooter left Marvel.

From Marvel Age promos: Jenny Swensen, a highly respected full Professor of Applied Engineering at M.I.T., cares about what's right. With the aid of five outstanding M.I.T. students, she steals from Fritz Krotze the lab that originally belonged to her late father, including his technological masterpiece, the M.A.X. (Man-Amplified eXperimental suit). Krotze wants the M.A.X. back -- his aim, to develop it into highly marketable combat armor. Jenny and her friends find themselves using the M.A.X. to wage war on Krotze while constantly evading the law.