The War is the final story in the New Universe. It was released as a mini-series spanning 4 graphic novels. It was clear Marvel was done with the New Universe. The first three books came out in successive months yet issue 4 came out 6 months after issue 3.

The War began the same month as the other New Universe titles ended their runs. It featured Jack Magniconte, Pit Bull, the Blur, Blowout, Metallurgist, Nightmask and other paranormals fighting World War Three in South Africa against the supposed paranormal force which caused the Pitt.

The truth, however, was that one man, Lieutenant Oort, had plotted to start the third World War and blame it all on the paranormals. The war involved the U.S.S.R. and Cuba, both Communist nations, and on the other side were the United States and South Africa.

Nuclear missiles were sent to South Africa and to the White House, but what no one had known at the time was that the Star Child (in an appearance clearly before STAR BRAND #19) had disabled all nuclear weapons. Soon afterward he put an end to World War III almost singlehandedly.