Charlemange was one of the last on-going titles to get started. Issue 1 was published in March 1994, the same month that issue 0 was bound inside Hero Illustrated 9. The title ran through issue 5 which was published in July 1994. Shooter had a hand in writing issues 0, 1, 4 and 5.

In 1973, at the close of the Vietnam War, 12 year old Charles Smith runs away from home in search of his brother Pete who is missing in Vietnam. Upon arriving in Vietnam, Charles is drawn to an American who helps him, but later Charles overhears a plot to ship him back to America. Once again he runs away on his own. Months go by.

Eventually, he gets assistance and is directed to the village where his brother is located. He sees his brother from a distance just as the small village is being overtaken by a helicopter bombing raid. He runs towards his brother, but his brother is hit directly with a bomb before Charles can get there. Bullets mow Charles down as he struggles to reach the charred remains of his brother. His determination gets him there and he holds the remains of his brother. One more bomb goes off and the scene shifts to Charles in a hospital bed with no legs. He is in a coma.

His brother's dog tags are put around his neck. Deep in a coma, Charles dreams of finding answers. He dreams that his dreams become reality. The scene shifts to 1993 and a new physical therapist tells the doctor she is exercising Charles' legs. The doctor runs in to see that Charles has awoke, and he has two fully regrown legs.

Charles hops a ship to leave Vietnam. The ship is ambushed by modern pirates and Charles is overwhelmed with flashbacks of his brother's death. Charles defeats the pirates in the first display of his incredible strength. The issue ends with Charles visiting his family again some 20 years after he first ran away.