Warriors of Plasm was Defiant's flagship series judging by the amount of attention paid to it. Everything from card sets to one-shots to tins were dedicated to this organic world.

Originally titled Plasm, issue #0 was bound in the June 1993 issue of Previews magazine. Marvel threatened to sue Defiant because Marvel had a pending comic titled Plasmer. Defiant changed the title of their series to Warriors of Plasm before publishing issue #1 in August 1993. Marvel decided to sue anyways. Marvel's claim stated that consumers would be confused by the similar titles and covers and might wind up purchasing Defiant's book instead of Marvel's. As you can see, it would be pretty hard to be looking for Plasmer and accidently buy Warriors of Plasm.

Many people reason that since Plasmer was only being sold in the United Kingdom and that Plasmer #1 was rushed to production in time for the trial, that this was more of a shot at Jim Shooter and Defiant than Marvel trying to protect their copyright. Needless to say, Defiant successfully defended the lawsuit but wasted over $300,000 on legal expenses. The loss of money plus the potential for future lawsuits caused the financial backers of Defiant to shut it down.

Warriors of Plasm was Defiant's first on-going series and lasted 14 issues. The final issue published in August 1994 contained the Schism crossover. Dogs of War #5 was the only other issue to contain the Schism storyline. Shooter has a writing credit in issues 0 through 7 and issues 11 through 13.

Plasm also produced a graphic novel titled Home for the Holidays. It also spawned Defiant's only trade paperback, The Collected Edition, which reprints issues 0-4 and Splatterball #1. Other Plasm related stories can be found in Prudence and Caution, Glory #0, The Great Grimmax #0 and Splatterball #1.