War Dancer lasted 6 issues. Premiering in February 1994 with the last installment published in July 1994. Alan Weiss and Shooter wrote all six issues.

We meet Sally Throckmorton as she stares in disbelief after hitting a deer on a rural road. Running late for an appointment with her shrink, a passerby offers to clean up the mess so she can be on her way. Arriving over an hour late, Doctor Longstreet tells Sally that she can't help her because she's always late for her appointments, and late with her payments.

Sally drives home only to be severely irritated when a young boy and his dog appear on her doorstep. Willie and his dog Happy immediately start getting into everything. Sally, beginning to snap, goes out back to have a cigarette. Walking around her backyard, she finds a strange gigantic pyramid. A light show happens and War Dancer appears on the steps of the pyramid.

Some locals who saw the lights stop by to harass War Dancer, who is dressed in an ancient warrior costume. A fight breaks out between War Dancer and a guy named Bowie. War Dancer is much too fast for Bowie who never lands a punch. As War Dancer offers to help Bowie up, Bowie pulls a knife and slices War Dancer's arm. The locals flee and Sally takes War Dancer back to her house to tend to his wound.

War Dancer starts talking and dreaming of his home world all while Willie continues to annoy. As War Dancer leaves Sally's house, a group from Plasm show up. In the ensuing fight, War Dancer performs his dance to conjure up his powers and run off the thugs from Plasm. War Dancer become suspicious of Willie and his dog and violently kills them in front of Sally.