Dogs of War was the last on-going series to get started. The first issue was published in April 1994. The series lasted 5 issues with the final installment being published in August 1994. Most of the writing was done by Art Holcomb. Shooter has a writing credit in issues 1, 3 and 4.

Shooter and Mouse return from the Plasm world. He shows off his new talents to the military and they run him off. Upon returning to his apartment, he discovers that he has been evicted and the landlord has put all his belongings in storage. His significant other is seeing another man.

His mom is broke and desperate because she fell for a marketing scam that took her money. She's working two jobs. Shooter is fed up with the injustice and raids the headquarters of the Canadian company that cheated his mother out of her savings. He tracks down a company supervisor and destroys his car after the guy can't tell where the money went. Mouse loans him money to help his mom.

Later, while walking around in the park, he ponders how to pay back Mouse. A drug dealer assaults him and pulls a gun. Shooter kicks the drug dealer's posterior and keeps the drug dealer's money. Shooter decides that ridding the drug dealers from streets of New York is more profitable than other forms of employment. He continues.

Major Hawkins, one of the military guys from his earlier encounter tracks down Shooter. Shooter is hired to find Major Hawkins' missing grand-daughter who was abducted by someone connected to the child porn industry. Shooter, with the help of Mouse, follows the trail of the girls abduction to the office of a woman who heads a child porn business. The woman warns Shooter of her powerful connections. Shooter starts to leave, but he returns to perform an unmentioned act upon the woman as she screams off panel.

Dogs of War #5 was one of two Defiant books to contain the Schism crossover storyline. The other being Warriors of Plasm #13.