Dark Dominion ran 10 standard issues from October 1993 to July 1994. Len Wein did most of the writing, but Shooter had a hand in writing issues 3, 4 and 6 as well as the issue 0 card set.

An issue 0 trading card binder was sold with plastic sheets that held 9 standard trading cards. The basic set consisted of 150 cards that came in packs similar to baseball cards. When put in order, the trading cards formed the pages of the issue 0 comic book. Dark Dominion 0 was never released as a stand-alone comic.

The story for issue 0 begins with Michael being established as a weirdo and crazy to some of his neighbors. Michael begins his day by visiting McDonalds for breakfast and then stopping by to visit a homeless woman who we later find out is named Mercy. Michael has no luck introducing himself, so he next visits a book store to see how his books are selling. It is established that he has two books published "Beyond the Imaginary Limits" and "Dark Dominion". Michael exits the book store and talks with Madame Consuela, a fortune teller who claims to see his aura and makes a bad prediction for him. Her prediction comes true as he walks away and is cornered by street thugs. Michael cleverly evades his attackers and it is established that he harbors no fear.

Michael arrives at home and makes notes about strange things he's been seeing out of the corner of his eye. He rushes out to meet the homeless woman "Mercy" again. He tells her that he is able to see the same things she sees. "Mercy" agree to help show him around to the new things he is now seeing. Michael asks about a growth, Mercy shows him the origins of the growth in the bowels beneath Grand Central Station. It is here that Michael oversees Chasm (Charles Mal) ordering Skinner to torture a man. Michael interferes and is attacked. Michael escapes fearlessly, and in his escape he inadvertently shifts into the Substratum adjacent to the material world. It is here that he encounters previously invisible monsters. He also runs to protect Mercy who is being attacked. Chasm catches up and attacks him with fire in the Substratum. Michael shift back into the material world and escapes Chasm. Chasm is then gone. Mercy and Michael leave the bowels of Grand Central Station. Mercy gives Michael the nickname "Glimmer" as in "Glimmer of Hope".